Luke Hemmings: Opens Up About Fights and Make Ups, Crushes and Music, More Details

Hemmings said that it is common for the boys to clash and he believes that that is what helps them make good music. If the boys didn’t have such strong ideas and opinions then they wouldn’t have been able to push the envelope and would have been stuck with something average.

Luke Hemmings has also come out and spoke about clashes the boys have while on the road. They are having their Rock On With Your Socks Out tour and 5 Seconds of Summer band members were fighting while on tour.

The boys almost jeopardized their Rock On With Your Socks Out concert with their disagreements. However, Luke Hemmings is quick to add that the boys usually clash because of the music and during their rehearsals. They are really close otherwise and are almost like family.

Luke said that what makes them work out all their creative differences is their common passion to perform for the fans and give them good music to rock on to. The moment the boys hit the stage, they forget all their differences.

The boys are so close to each other that according to Luke Hemmings, they are always on FaceTime and calling each other up when they are down and bored.

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