No Man’s Sky: Sean Murray Uncomfortable With the Questioning, Talks Of a VR Headset Release, And More Details!

There’s good news for the fans of No Man’s Sky. Sean Murray and Hello Games have revealed the official news that the game will be available on PS4 by this year itself. The fans were so preoccupied with the official release date of the much anticipated game that none of them tried to find out how much the game would actually end up costing them.

However, Amazon UK was quick to report that No Man’s Sky is going to be priced at $60, which is more than the average price of most games. No Man’s Sky is also going to be available for $73.29 and £46.85 for pre-ordered booking.

Since No Man’s Sky is an indie game it was presumed that the pricing will come beneath the $60 margin, but the makers have taken everyone by surprise and gone for a price higher than the usual price charged by indie game developers.

While some gamers feel that the pricing will affect the sales of No Man’s Sky, others are of the opinion that given the kind of buzz that is surrounding the game, the price is not going to be a factor at all.

Hello Games is going to release No Man’s Sky on all consoles. Apart from the PS4 launch this year, the game is going to be available on PCs and Xbox One by the end of next year. Apart from this, Crossmap has reported that No Man’s Sky is going to be available on Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus as well.

No Man’s Sky’s release on VR headgears isn’t an official account. In an interview with Gamesradar, Sean Murray when asked if No Man’s Sky will be available on VR headsets said that he still didn’t know how much of it can be spoke out, but they are in talks with Morpheus and Oculus. They feel that the tie-up would give the gamers a lot to explore and will make the gaming experience a lot more interesting.

Hello Games came up with a detailed article about No Man’s Sky in PlayStation Blog in August. They said that No Man’s Sky will feature 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets; and each of these planets will have their unique geographical features and biodiversity.

Given the sheer expanse of the gaming universe, every gamer will stumble upon something new with every game they play. There are experts who have come out with an interesting statistics. They said that it is going to take 585 years for a gamer to explore a single planet in No Man’s Sky.

At the recently held 65DaysOfStatic Concert in London, the gameplay of No Man’s Sky was revealed. The footage also had an amazing soundtrack, which was played by a live orchestra at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Fans are, however, of the opinion that the footage was nothing but rehashed clippings from the other trailers.

The hint of the expansive universe of No Man’s Sky was revealed by Hello Games at the E3 2015 and the gameplay gave a hint of the 18 quintillion planets that exist in the game.

The release date of No Man’s Sky is what is eating up the fans and young developer Sean Murray seems to be losing his mind after being asked the same question again and again. The development of this extremely anticipated game is not an easy task and with the gamers not leaving an occasion to ask about the release date, is making the young game developer jaded.