No Man’s Sky: Sean Murray Uncomfortable With the Questioning, Talks Of a VR Headset Release, And More Details!

Sean Murray has recently posted a video of a pile of plastic ducks with the caption that the ducks know how he feels. This video has stumped fans because they don’t have a clue about what it means. Some think that the ducks are Sean Murray’s expression on being asked when the game will be released, while some believe that the ducks indicate a development issue.

Ever since Hello Games had revealed the news about No Man’s Sky at the E3 2014, they have been pestered about when the game will actually be releasing. The developers have not for once given a direct answer to the question.

He was even asked by the fans if Hello Games is going to be back next year at the E4 to again showcase their idea of the anticipated game, indicating that the game wouldn’t be out by that time and all Sean Murray could do was laugh uncomfortably.

There are rumors that Project Morpheus might end up being the launch pad for No Man’s Sky and with Morpheus planning on a 2016 release date, fans are hopeful that the game will be ready by then.

Fans are ready to wait for a longer time since they don’t want the quality and the content to be compromised in the rush.

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