Luke Hemmings: Opens Up About Fights and Make Ups, Crushes and Music, More Details

Luke Hemmings is one of the current hot favorites for girls all over the world. The guitarist of 5 Seconds of Summer recently gave an interview where he shared a lot of secrets and gave his young fans a lot of good advices.

According to Movie News Guide, Luke Hemmings advised his fans who want to start a band of their own. He emphasized on the importance of understanding what the crowd wants. He said that the best way to do so is to play live.

Luke Hemmings revealed that 5 Seconds of Summer did a lot of live gigs in order to connect with the crowd and understand what kind of music they want. Live gigs should be the top priority since it provides a platform for the budding band to connect with their audience and test out their music.

Luke Hemmings also added that what makes a good band is also the kind of relationship the band members share with one another. The success of the band lies in the strength that the band members have.  There are bound to be differences and tiffs, but what matters is how they all come together and create good music.

When a band comes into existence, the band members have to stay together every minute of the day and it is going to get super tough if they didn’t get along. Luke Hemmings highlighted how close the members of 5 Seconds of Summer are and how they have become like family for each other.

When Luke Hemmings was asked about the songwriting process, he said that the video for the song comes way later in the process. For the band, the song is the priority and not the video. It is never like they think of a visual idea and write a song around it, the song will automatically give them an idea if required.

Suagrscape has reported Michael Clifford saying that in their upcoming songs, 5 Seconds of Summer has experimented a lot with the themes that they have dealt with. They have written songs about a variety of topics including love and the heartbreaks that they have gone through.

Luke Hemmings added that after being in the music industry for a few years now, they have seen and experienced thing and have actually grown up. The upcoming second album from 5 Seconds of Summer is going to show how the boys have grown up since the first album.

Fans are hoping that by the things that they have been through and experienced, Luke Hemmings is hinting at girlfriend issues. Ashton Irwin had recently spilled in an ETOnline interview that Luke Hemmings has a huge crush on Selena Gomez and actually even writes poems for her.

5 Seconds of Summer had a no girlfriend policy until recently when Ashton Irwin went ahead and got one and fans are hoping that Luke Hemmings can go ahead of the past girlfriend dramas and get one for himself.

Luke Hemmings and his other band mates have been working hard on their upcoming album. The boys were holed up in an LA mansion where they were working on the second album, which has since then been named Sounds Good Feels Good.

The album is going to be launched in October and according to Luke Hemmings, the process of creating the songs hasn’t been an easy one. The boys have clashed from time to time while working on the songs for the album, but they have sorted things out amongst themselves.