Lucasfilm Interested in Indiana Jones 5, Harrison Ford Set To Return, Rumors About Chris Pratt Being Offered The Role Denied!

However, reports of Chris Pratt playing the role of the fedora donning archeologist, has been denied by the producer Frank Marshall. He said that if Indiana Jones 5 rolls out then they are going to stick with Harrison Ford only.

They aren’t going to follow the style that James Bon franchise follows and cast someone else in the lead role. Steven Spielberg himself has said that if Indiana Jones 5 is made then he will direct no one other than Harrison Ford in the lead role.

The last time Indiana Jones appeared in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Ford shared screen space for the movie with Shia LeBeouf, who was his side kick. The film was a runaway success. There are no reports to confirm with Shia LeBeouf is going to be back to reprise his role in Indiana Jones 5.

Fans are still waiting for more news on Indiana Jones 5 and are hopeful that once the hype surrounding Star Wars Episode VII dies down, they will have some concrete information about Indiana Jones.

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