Sister Wives: Meri Speaks Out About Catfishing Episode, Battles With Loneliness, Utah Court Files Case Against the Show!

If there is one life that has completed changed in between Sister Wives Season 5 and Season 6, it is Meri Brown. She filed for a divorce from her husband of 25 years so that Robyn could marry Kody Brown and get a chance at getting the custody of her three children from a previous marriage.

The Brown family had initially felt that nothing would change in the household except the signing of some papers that would make Robyn the legal wife of Kody, but things didn’t go as smoothly and the dynamics of the house completely changed after Meri stepped down as the legal wife of Kody Brown.

Kody Brown, as the viewers of TLC’s Sister Wives will know is a polygamist and he is married to four women. While one of them is his legal wife in accordance with the legal practices of the USA, the other three are his spiritual wives.

After ending her marriage with Kody Brown, Meri had a tough time getting back to life as on one of the spiritual wives. She had gone into depression after seeing Kody and Robyn getting married.

There were a lot of talks on the social media about Meri struggling with the changes that have come about her life. Some viewers even speculated that Meri might move out of the Brown residence since she isn’t getting along with Robyn. Although all these speculations were rubbished by Meri and later viewers saw how tight the family was, when Sister Wives Season 6 returned on TLC, Meri was clearly depressed.

At the very end of Sister Wives, Meri has finally spoken out about her harrowing times. She said that she had become very lonely since her daughter Mariah had gone away to college and her husband, Kody, was too busy with his new wife and the legal proceedings with the adoption of her three children to give her any time.

In such a tough time she had tried to look for companionship and had befriended a man online with whom she had started chatting. This person was Jacquelyn Overton who pretended to be a man and catfished Meri Brown completely.

Jacquelyn Overton spoke to Meri and started getting her to laugh and feel good about herself and Meri told Design and Trend that she had almost started falling in love with the man that Overton decided to portray himself as.

While enjoying his company, along the course of the way, Meri started to feel that there was something amiss about this new friend that she had made online. She started asking questions to try and figure out more about the person and that was when Overton would get abusive.

Meri hadn’t spoke about this catfishing episode until now with her family. She regretted not having spoken up earlier. She saw how her family stood by her and supported her through the crisis. The Brown family is very mad at the audacity someone had to hoodwink and ill treat a member of their family and they said that they wished Meri had spoken out about this traumatic issue earlier.

TLC organized a confessional where patriarch Kody Brown and his four sister wives spoke out. Kody felt that Meri never wanted to remain married to her and had filed for the divorce because he felt that she was unhappy in the marriage. Meri had actually contemplated leaving the house after the castfishing episode, but her sister wives, especially Janelle made her change her mind and stay back.