Lucasfilm Interested in Indiana Jones 5, Harrison Ford Set To Return, Rumors About Chris Pratt Being Offered The Role Denied!

With Lucasfilm under the wings of Disney, the fans of Star Wars have reasons to be very happy. However, with the buzz surrounding Star Wars another film that has completely gone into the sidelines is Indiana Jones.

Like Star Wars, Indiana Jones forms a major chunk of the popular culture and fans of the archeologist have been urging to know what Disney and Lucasfilm has in store for them from that franchise.

Cinema Blend has informed that Kathleen Kennedy, who is the current chief of Lucasfilm is interested in working on another Indiana Jones film. This news from the top brass of Lucasfilm has been supported by Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg, who have both said that they are very keen on coming together to make another Indiana Jones film.

Kathleen Kennedy has gone on records to say that she wants to work with Disney on a new Indiana Jones project and even Alan Horn, the chairman of Walt Disney Studios is keen on being a part of this project. However, since Lucasfilm and Disney both have a lot on their plates, they can focus on Indiana Jones 5 only once they clear all their upcoming projects.

Star Wars it seems is completely eating up on the space that Indiana Jones is inching to get. There a long lineup of Star Wars films that are going to come out next from Lucasfilm and Disney. There are three new episodes and the upcoming Rogue One that are already on the cards. There are talks of spin-offs as well, especially the much anticipated spin off with Hans Solo as well as a trilogy on Obi Wan Kenobi.

Harrison Ford already has a good amount of screen time on the cards thanks to his role of Hans Solo. Even with Star Wars Episode VII: Force Awakens and the spin off with Hans Solo lined up, Harrison Ford is still interested in playing the character of the whip wielding archeologist.

As Christian Today reported, there have been rumors about Indiana Jones 5 hitting the theatres for a very long time. The fans had been super happy to catch hold of those rumors, however, now with Kathleen Kennedy expressing a desire to go ahead with the idea of another Indiana Jones, fans are super excited.

There has, however, been a dampener on all the excitement since Kathleen Kennedy has made it very clear that though Lucasfilm and Disney are excited about working on Indiana Jones 5. They are going to make plans about it only after they have cleared their current list of proposed plans.

Christian Today said that Kathleen Kennedy has stressed on the importance of the Indiana Jones franchise for Lucasfilms and she is going to start working on it the moment she is free of all the Star Wars related work that are scheduled for the studio.

Lucasfilm is currently scheduled to release at least one Star Wars film every year and this is keeping them on their toes. This as some might say is a little too much since how many movies can one make from the same franchise.

However, Kathleen Kennedy seems to disagree. She said that the huge universe of Star Wars places them in the happy predicament of having too many plots to work on.

VC Post has reported that if Indiana Jones 5 is made then Steven Spielberg is going to come back to shoot it. He has already expressed a keen desire to be a part of any new Indiana Jones film. There were rumors that Chris Pratt is being offered the role of Indiana Jones for the new film that is on the cards.