Sister Wives: Meri Speaks Out About Catfishing Episode, Battles With Loneliness, Utah Court Files Case Against the Show!

Kody Brown and his family had shifted to Nevada to escape the anti-polygamy laws that are being brought into Utah. The Federal court is expected to hear the appeals about the banning of polygamy in the state of Utah.

The Circuit Court of Appeals has scheduled the appeal on 21st January of next year. The TLC television channel will have to fight against the appeal that states that the series Sister Wives is a violation of the constitutional laws of the state of Utah.

Kody Brown is going to fight on the basis that polygamy as a social marriage is a violation of the law. Therefore, the very fact that she married to three of his wives by spiritual laws isn’t a violation of any law since he is technically married to only one of the legally.

The Brown family is a member of the Apostolic United Brethren where polygamy is allowed by religion. Kody Brown is great champion of polygamy and there’s to see how far his fight goes.

With Sister Wives Season 6 coming to an end, there is no news about TLC renewing the show. The show had a successful run this season and this gives the viewers even reason to think that the show will be renewed for a new season.

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