Longmire Will Return On September with a New Season, Speculations Surface regarding Possible Identity of Intruder!

The show runners or producers of the TV series are yet to confirm any such rumor. Netflix ultimately agreed to extend the show due to repeated request from the producers. On top of that, all the episodes in Season 5 will be longer than the 42-45 minutes airing time which the show featured while it was airing in A&E Network along with Season 4 this year.

The role of Henry Standing Bear is played by the actor Lou Diamond Philips and he declared that the show needs more air time in order to achieve the required depth.

Meanwhile, Jacob Nighthorse could end up being the intruder since he has constantly been in conflict with Walter, as revealed in the show. However, fans are skeptical about the fact that a few arguments and altercations might cause him to come back later and commit a crime.

The series does not have a definite air time but people are already quite excited about it. The fans are wondering whether this season will be the best or the worst, considering the rumors about its darker nature. For now, fans will have to keep waiting till September next year.

Stay tuned for more updates on Longmire Season 5!