Jennifer Lawrence: Beats Friend Amy Schumer To Win Golden Globe, Decides Against Matching Outfits!

Jennifer Lawrence has already made her mark as a brilliant actress with her performances film after film and once again she was awarded for her performance at the Golden Globe Award. Jennifer Lawrence won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a comedy or musical, for her role as Joy Mangano in Joy.

Jennifer Lawrence beat actresses like Lily Tomlin, Maggie Smith, Melissa McCarthy and best friend Amy Schumer. Even though some brilliant actresses were part of the nomination, there was speculation that Lawrence would take away the award for the night since she was brilliant in her portrayal of Joy Mangano.

Jennifer Lawrence went up on stage and thanked her director David O. Russell, who directed all her Golden Globe films and said that she is grateful to him for letting her be a part of his films. She said that she has been up there to receive the award every time she had played a role in his critically acclaimed films and is indebted to him for teaching her a lot of things.

She even confessed that she would want to be buried next to David O. Russell because she respects and loves him so much.Even though Jennifer Lawrence won the award for the Best Actress in Comedy or Musical instead of her best friend Amy Schumer, who was nominated for the same category for her film Trainwreck; there was no hard feelings between them.

USA Today reported that Jennifer Lawrence hugged Amy Schumer backstage and said that she would be just fine because she is a brilliant actress and is hilarious. She is talented enough to win many awards in the future. Lawrence made it very clear that there are no hard feelings between the two friends and that they are very happy for the other in their success and very supportive.

There was a lot of media speculation about the competition between the two actresses, but they showed the power of their friendship on the night of the award. While the two friends came to the award night separately, they both mentioned how happy they were to come for the award function since it would be their first formal outing as best friends.

When the nomination for their category was announced, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer changed their seats to be with each other. Once Jennifer Lawrence’s name was announced, Amy Schumer hugged her best friend tight.

JLaw has gone ahead to state that she was surprised that Schumer didn’t go on to win the award because she was very sure that it was her night.Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are new the BFFs in the industry and they had even vowed to make their red carpet appearance in the same outfit.

This, however, did not happen because Jennifer Lawrence had revealed this secret to the media beforehand and felt that if they carried the pact out then it would be something that everyone expected from them.

She made the announcement on the internet and the whole thing got a lot of attention. Jennifer Lawrence had said that she and BFF Amy Schumer are very serious about wearing matching outfits on their first formal outing in Hollywood. However, there was so much debate and talks about what the two best friends would end up wearing on the occasion, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer decided to change their former plan.