Jennifer Lawrence: Beats Friend Amy Schumer To Win Golden Globe, Decides Against Matching Outfits!

Therefore, they appeared in their own outfits. Jennifer Lawrence wore a red gown with a cut on either sides of the mid rib and had on a large neckpiece that added the much needed appeal to the entire outfit.

She had tied her hair up in a fashionable bun. Amy Schumer wore a black and white gown that was off-shoulder and had a pair of very cute pockets. Amy kept half of her hair tied up. Both kept their looks very minimal and still looked beautiful.

When asked about the plan to wear the matching outfits on the Golden Globe awards, Jennifer Lawrence said that she felt that it was something that everyone expected and hence they decided to change it. She added that she had initially felt that people would be excited about what they were finally wearing, but it was clearly evident that they weren’t.

Lawrence has always had a way with the media and on her special night she once again showed that side of hers. When a reporter covertly tried to record the conversations backstage, she asked him to keep his phone down because his life would pass him by if he only kept at staring at his phone.

When the rather ashamed reported stuttered to ask JLaw how she had begun her Oscar night, she replied that it was the Golden Globe awards and the guy would have noticed that if he wasn’t staring at the phone.

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