Longmire Season 5 Episodes Will Be Longer, Episodes Will Be Darker and More Sinister-Themed!

According to him, the extra 20 minutes will allow the moments to breathe and round out the characters. On top of that, its promises a much more cinematic experience from episode to episode. This will allow the supporting cast to come under the spotlight.

It will further allow the individual storylines to be properly explored without the time needed to focus on the title character being sacrificed. Philips further revealed that the secondary characters had many scenes revolving around them, which were later edited out.

Moreover, the series is now under Netflix and this means that season 5 of Longmire will be able to tell its story without being hampered by any network TV restrictions. Compared to the past seasons, Season 5 will be darker due to its tone and theme.

In order to make up for the long wait, all of the episodes will be released at the same time. Tony Tost has already started his work on the fifth season and this means nothing but good news.

In the meantime, it was reported earlier that Longmire Season 5 will crossover with another crime solving television series called Criminal Minds.

Since both are consistent to each other, a hypothetical crossover is possible between the two series, as reported by Carter Matt. Yibada has already reported that Season 5 will be much darker and fans are too excited about it.

Stay tuned for more updates on Longmire Season 5!