Loads of Rumors Surround Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea, Fans Clearly Disappointed With Her Presence!

Luke Hemmings is a pretty famous character and as expected, he is constantly surrounded by loads of rumors regarding his romantic life. His fans are always talking about who he is allegedly dating at the moment and his life behind the scenes.

Luke Hemmings has the interest of many and I mean a lot of people on his life. Therefore, he focuses on keeping a relatively low profile during his appearances in public.

Occasionally it is reported that someone saw him in public, partying with friends. A recent rumor indicated that Hemmings had a romantic love interest in Hailey Baldwin and furthermore, he tried to act on that but he got rejected, according to the latest batch of rumors.

It was reported by Hailey Baldwin that she never went on any dates with Luke Hemmings and due to this; all such discussions should be put to an end. However, every celebrity has those fans who love paying attention to every possible rumor.

They love taking these rumors at a face value and this is primarily because people love believing in the juicier stuff rather than the plain and simple stuff which ‘actually’ happened. There are also rumors of Hemmings spending time with his present girlfriend, Arzyalea. The situation here is not totally public but some fans of 5SOS have already expressed some negative comments.

This is a strange situation since most of us don’t really know about the official situation with Arzaylea. A rumor has been circulating that she had to call security on some of the fans since they were getting more and more aggressive. From the looks of it, the situation could turn out to be quite problematic for both of them.

If Luke wishes to take this relationship to a next level, things might start getting worse. In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly, Luke might have to address his fans personally at some point.

This is actually quite a common issue with celebrities who are adored by loads of fans and are seen as attractive, as is the case with Luke Hemmings. Fans generally tend to get really angry and annoyed whenever they hear this particular celebrity hanging out someone.

There are many other factors to be considered here, besides jealousy. Some fans get worried that when he gets into a new relationship, he might not be able to focus properly on their performances.

However, Luke has every right to explore things on the romantic side of his life as he definitely has a lot of potential there. Moreover, the popularity of his boy band, 5 Seconds of Summer, is primarily due to his presence. Hemmings has been pretty mature so far and knows what people expect from him while navigating around the celebrity world.

That being said, it seems like Luke Hemmings will be ending 2015 with major rumors surrounding his love life. The first major question is whether Hailey Baldwin dumped him due to his on-and-off girlfriend, Arzaylea. It was reported back in October that Hemmings was seen in a date with 19 year old Baldwin.

However, the model later clarified that she never went on any dates with Hemmings and didn’t give a chance for the romance and rumors to further intensify. It is being reported that a quick response from Baldwin was triggered once she heard that Hemmings was back together with Arzaylea.