Loads of Rumors Surround Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea, Fans Clearly Disappointed With Her Presence!

Baldwin wrote in a now-deleted Twitter post, “I never went on a date with Luke from 5 seconds of summer. So if everyone wants to chill that’d be dope,” According to Movie News Guide, Hemmings might be quite popular among the girls but from the looks of it, she will never win the heart of Hailey Baldwin. Actor Stephen Baldwin’s daughter dumped Luke Hemmings after reports regarding his relationship with Arzaylea surfaced online.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time that Baldwin cleared his rumors regarding her relationship on social media. She did the same thing back in Twitter earlier, when it was rumored that she and Justin Bieber are a thing.

Following Arzaylea’s controversial photo with a guy, who didn’t appear to be a 5SOS member, Hemmings’ fans are not at all happy with his relationship with her. However, the latest rumors indicate that Luke is not giving up his chances with Arzaylea.

This is because he keeps updating his status with his latest hangouts with Arzaylea. The recent reports indicate that she has been tagged as ‘rude’ by most of Luke Hemmings’ fans.

A report emerged that a fan reportedly saw Hemmings and his girlfriend on stage during a performance and she went forward to have a photo taken with him. At that time, Arzaylea reacted rudely and asked a security guard to have her taken away.

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