Locker Codes and Roster Changes For NBA 2K16, Patch 3 to Roll Out In 2 Weeks with Major Gameplay Changes!

In the third patch, a number of important gameplay changes and fixes have been introduced. At the same time, he has been pretty busy, trying to introduce new designs and feature work on the upcoming NBA 2K17.

He admitted that he would love to spend his time, tweaking and changing stuff In the game every day but it wouldn’t be a proper utilization of his time.

Furthermore, he revealed that the changes he made only affects contact shots. “Across the board, you should see those drop less”.

In other news, there was a quick simulation conducted by Drew Mahowald aka @MNSportsDrewM and it has a 50/50 shot at being correct. The Wolves prevailed in a rather convincing manner.

There’s a slew of Air Jordan retros which are coming down the pipeline, probably in the next few weeks and they were featured in the weekly NBA 2K16 Kicks feature by Kicksonfire.

Stay tuned for more updates on NBA 2K16!