Locker Codes and Roster Changes For NBA 2K16, Patch 3 to Roll Out In 2 Weeks with Major Gameplay Changes!

NBA 2K16 by 2K Sports has the major advantage of being officially sponsored by the NBA as the official NBA game. As a result, when the seasons continue, individual player stats keep changing along with the team changes, so as to sync with real world events.

OperationSports revealed that a few roster changes have been introduced by a new patch and this resulted in player attributes getting effectively lowered or raised. The players which experienced a drop in their attributes are as follows:-

  • D. Rose (-1)
  • Brooks (-0)
  • G. Hayward (-1)
  • O. Russel (-2)
  • K. Bryant (-2)
  • M. Ellis (-2)
  • P. George (-0)
  • J. Dudley (-1)

Meanwhile, the players who experienced a rise in their attributes are as follows:-

  • N. Mirotic (+1)
  • K. Bazemore (+1)
  • M. Williams (CHA)(+1)
  • R. Hood (+2)
  • R. Rondo (+1)
  • D. Cousins (+0)
  • J. Randle (+1)
  • G. Harris (+2)
  • J. Lauvergne (+3)
  • G. Hill (+1)
  • M. Morris (DET) (+2)
  • Drummond (+1)
  • Beal (+2)

Depending on how the actual season turns out, the various player changes will keep changing according to it. Meanwhile, in order to match real-life changes and trades in the NBA season, the teams are expected to suddenly trade players in the game.

You may witness the stats going up for players with lowered attributes and at the same time, the players who are enjoying raised stats will seem them drop as well. Meanwhile, the official patch notes indicate that many items in the game will be duly affected by that of roster changes.

According to the patch notes from the game, the various roster updates that were released resulted in adjustments to the Shoes, Uniform Team Colors, Accessories, Injuries, Transactions, Starting Line-ups and much more. The most noteworthy thing was Tony Douglas and Chuck Hayes, who were recently signed, were added to their individual new teams.

Meanwhile, an extensive patch of 4.3GB size has been received by the PC version of the game. This further makes it a very hefty download. There are also several glitches and bugs that have been addressed by the patch.

At the same time, NBA legends like Michael Jordan and Karl Malone are allowed to be unlocked by NBA 2K16. They also have their attributes changed to comply with the player skills during their prime. The various locker codes are:-

  • Michael Jordan – FZV7P-FQ9SU-SRNZZ-9AB27-9ZUUT
  • Shaquille O’Neal – GSUM3-ESARX-GXD3T-S3QJQ-FIETU
  • Paul George – WR9KL-6NQ9Z-CWWGF-MVG4C-T3L8P
  • Karl Malone – Q1585-CPEWU-HZNWY-WK2EW-V1E4C
  • Isaiah Thomas – XFQDT-TMQ6Z-I1TM6-8Q8J5-WNJGQ
  • Stephen Curry – NXYJ4-WQCRD-C2DQN-S36GF-TJMZ4
  • LeBron James – 9BUQS-QTKDU-ASYJU-3W183-QVXBC
  • Carmelo Anthony – AMIB1-95PFL-FD7LB-DQXHX-S7RBT

2 NBA 2K patches were released some time back in order to fix the bugs and 2K has recently announced that  a Patch 3 is coming soon. It will arrive within the next two weeks for PS4 and Xbox One in order to address many more kinds of gameplay issues and glitches.

This is a highly popular, blockbuster, basketball simulation game and as a result, 2K Sports take pretty good care of it. Furthermore, the developer has confirmed that NBA 2K17 is currently under development.

Meanwhile, the third update for NBA 2K16 has already been handed over to Microsoft and Sony, as reported by Operation Sports. Till now, no official patch notes regarding it has been released.

However, Mike Wang, the game director, decided to respond to fan questions regarding various gameplay issues and problems that will most likely be addressed, in the coming update.

Wang was asked whether there will be fixes introduced for the blocks, to which he replied that they are simply nerfing poorly rated shot blockers. Due to this, guys like JJ.

Redick won’t be securing shots like LeBron. In the end, blocks are being addressed in Patch 3. Furthermore, Wang talked about the various gameplay changes to be released with the latest update.

At the same time, he revealed that it will be impossible to devote all of the time towards NBA 2K16 since development for NBA 2K17 has already started, as reported by Design and Trend.