Dying Light: New DLC Coming Next Year, Community Challenge Announced for Fans!

Dying Light is an immensely popular first person survival game that was released by Techland at the beginning of the current year.

The game came with open world missions in which players had to move about in urban areas infested with flesh-eating zombies, performing various tasks from gathering supplies to rescuing other people and doing other things as directed in the missions.

It was previously announced by Techland that a new DLC for the game is headed towards fans and this new DLC will be called, ‘The Following’.

The developers stated that The Following will add a number of game-changing aspects to the game, which will result in a considerable expansion of the game itself. It will reportedly induce a new flavor to the game.

The developers will keep a keen eye on feedbacks from fans after the release of the update, which will help them monitor their reaction regarding the update and will also let them understand and bring about changes based on the players’ feedback.

The release date for the DLC has not yet been confirmed by the developers but it is being speculated that it will come out early next year. Techland producer, Tymon Smektala said that The Following will release within the first three months of the next year.

The developers are reportedly delaying the release of the DLC to buy themselves more time, which will allow them to further fine tune and perfect the update.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the update and it has been stated by the developers in their announcements that the wait will be definitely worth it, which only excites the fans more.

The update is supposed to come with an untold story of Kyle Crane, the protagonist of the game. It will also add an additional 10 hours of gameplay to the game.

The video released by Techland in August at the Gamescom event, revealed that the update will add many other new aspects to the game such as the dune buggies, which will come with a fully customizable feature. Players will be able to paint, design, modify and upgrade the dune buggies as per their likings.

New gears and items will be made available to fans through the update. The DLC will also add some brand new weapons to the game like the coveted crossbow and the UZI.

It is being rumored that unlike Dying Light, which is set in an urban background, Dying Light: The Following will have a countryside setting. Fans can expect to see a number of waterfalls, open fields and caves along with swarms of hungry zombies.

The developers will induce an enormous open field area in The Following, where players will have to survive and move about either by means of walking or by using weaponized vehicles.

As The Following is set in countryside, the original parkour defense mechanism of Dying Light is quite futile in it and thus the developers have added a brand new mode of transportation in The Following—the dune buggy.

The dune buggies are set to play a very important role in the upcoming update, as reportedly they may be the only mode by which players will be able to reach safe zones, especially during the night.

The Following will come with its own skill tree which will assist and aid players in surviving in the vast Harran countryside.

Unlike Dying Light which came with a version compatible with the Linux platform, The Following will be platform exclusive and will only be available for the PS 4, Xbox One and the PC.