Dying Light: New DLC Coming Next Year, Community Challenge Announced for Fans!

The developers are inviting and collecting feedbacks from fans on certain aspects related to the game. They have announced an exciting task for the fans.

Members of the Dying Light community were asked by the developers to create a 200 words max letter in English and submit it. The letter should carry messages of distress, horror, and bravery.

The best letters from the fans will be selected and used in the game and the name of the writer will also be featured in it. It was stated that they were working on a mission that will involve a post office and they wanted to scatter the floor of the post office with letters written by people from within the Quarantine Zone to the outside world.

The letters to be used in this particular mission are going to be those that will be selected by the developers from among the entries of the fans.

It is being rumored that the DLC may be released at the Paris Games Week. Fans that possess the season pass for Dying Light will get the update for free, which will also include the untold story of Kyle Crane. The complete update package can also be bought separately for $14.99.

Fans can check out the reveal trailer of The Following here.

Stay tuned for more update on Dying Light.