Super Smash Bros 4 to Be Bundled With Nintendo Wii U for Black Friday, Two Smash Players Make Their Way to Guinness Book of World Records!

After the American celebration of Thanksgiving, it’s time for Black Friday and this is considered to be the biggest sale event in the United States. This day introduces huge discounts and usually, clearing of shelves is not surprising at all. Recently, a new report surfaced on Monday that Super Smash Bros 4 will be bundled along with Nintendo’s Wii U platform.

A Master Herald report indicates that this game will be sold with a huge discount on Black Friday. Keep in mind that this report is simply a rumor at this point and this will only be confirmed by an announcement from Nintendo or any other US retail giants.

According to a Destructoid report, hypermarket chain ‘Meijer’, will Wii U 32 GB Deluxe Bundle for a mere price of $250. There will be a $30 gift card present in the Wii U bundle and players and fans can redeem this, starting from 29th November to 24th December.

It is expected that both Super Smash Bros 4 and Splatoon will be pre-installed on the hard drive and once players purchase the Wii U bundle, they will not be able to add or install any more games in the console. Players will need an external HDD in order to install additional games in the console. There was a description of Special Edition “Smash Splat” Nintendo Wii U 32GB Deluxe Set, which was posted on the Black Friday website.

It says that we have been a fan of Nintendo’s action-packed world since their very first console. Since their first journey to the Mushroom Kingdom, some major evolution has taken place. Players should get ready for a completely new way to play with the new Wii U bundle and this includes Nintendo Landgames, Splatoon, a sensor bar and much more.

You will be able to enjoy, high-end, high-quality graphics along with innovative controller design and highly immersive action-packed worlds. This will further reinvent the way that people interact with their games.

On the big screen, players will be able to explore a vast world of streaming content and at the same time, surf the web on the big screen as well. The possibilities are endless with the Wii U console.

In other news, gamers are expecting new characters to be included in Super Smash Bros 4. As mentioned before, the popularity of Shovel Knight is quite intense and it has emerged as the strongest character and contender to be included in Super Smash Bros. The new character DLC for Super Smash Bros is yet to be confirmed.

The video game fanatics and gamers could look forward to the possibility of this game being bundled with a console. Furthermore, it will be available for a huge discount. The official results are yet to be announced but Shovel Knight is the center of attraction.

This is a character that is sure to be included because it is unthinkable that the creator of Super Smash Bros will decide to ignore such a massive response. Meanwhile, the latest installment of Camelot’s Mario Tennis series, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash will be released in all regions on the Wii U.

There will be new features included in the game like an online mode which allows gamers to play with anyone else, all over the world. Many more unique features will set this game apart from its predecessors. Fans were asked by the Fighter Ballot to vote for the character that they would love to see in the upcoming DLC.