Lindsay Lohan Wins Partial Victory in Legal Case Against Rockstar Games, Brother Cody Lands Modelling Deal!

Cody Lohan had made his start in the modelling industry at the young age of nine, when he made shows for Child Magazine’s collection. He has since then cut off his long red locks and has slicked it up as is the fashion these days. Lindsay Lohan as well as her mother Dina, had been sharing old modelling photos of Cody recently.

Lindsay Lohan is dating a 22-year-old Russian real estate agent called Ego Tarabasov and both her parents approve of the match. Michael Lohan has come out to state that Egor is a positive influence on Lindsay Lohan’s life and is doing his best to revive her film career. Michael Lohan has added that even though Egor Tarabasov might be seven years younger than Lindsay Lohan, he is way more mature than her.

The two met during Christmas and have been inseparable since then. Egor has gotten along very well with the extended Lohan clan and there are photos to claim what fun they had together during Christmas. Dina Lohan is super excited about the fact that Lohan has finally found a man for herself and when asked what she thinks of the new couple, Dina Lohan said that she wants them to introduce the parents soon and that she wants them to have babies together.

Lindsay Lohan might not be doing so well in her professional life, but her personal life is surely looking up. Visit the page for more news on Lindsay Lohan.