Rebel Wilson Re-Unites with Co-Stars for Birthday Bash, Justin Bieber Wishes to Star in Pitch Perfect 3!

During Rebel Wilson’s birthday bash, some of the cast members had a reunion and enjoyed themselves pretty well. In the weekend, six out of the ten members of the Barden Bellas reunited, and showed their love for their gal pal, Fat Amy while she celebrated her birthday. In Instagram, Chrissie Fit posted a photo of the girls and it drew a lot of likes and comments from the fandom of Pitch Perfect.

Meanwhile, Hailee Steinfeld also posted another photo on Instagram from the birthday party and the Pitch Perfect girls could be seen goofing on the camera. Until Pitch Perfect 3 officially begins production, these images of the mini-reunion should be enough to win fans over. The movie won’t be released in theaters until 2017 August but it gives provides the cast and crew with plenty of time to prepare for the new installment.

During a Parade interview, Wilson confirmed that they won’t be shooting till the middle of 2016. She said, “It’s crazy that our little musical theater lovefest turned into a huge franchise,” she remarked about the fans’ response to the movie.”

Pitch Perfect 3 will witness the return of lead stars like Anna Kendrick, Anna Camp and Brittany Snow. However, the cast is hoping that a big star will join them in the franchise. Camp said via E! Online, “I think that Taylor Swift would make a great Bella. I really think she would. I think it would be an even bigger movie!”

Meanwhile, Anna Camp and Skylar Astin, the Pitch Perfect stars are all set to spend their lives together. After their engagement announcement over the New Year holidays, the two are getting involved in the nitty gritty of wedding planning and the future bride further decided to share some of the details.

Anna said, “We’re going to have seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen.” The wedding will be huge since Skylar is a part of a big family. Anna is also looking forward to the wedding turning to a major celebration. The actress further hinted that she is hoping for her Pitch Perfect co-stars to be present there.

She admitted, “[Pitch Perfect] was an important time in our lives, and that movie hit so many people on such a positive level, and we became really good friends with the cast.” During the sunset in the fall, the couple will be hosting a garden wedding in California and Anna has further picked a pink and peach motif for their Romeo and Juliet fantasy.

Anna has enlisted the help of Wedding Paper Divas in order to help her with the planning besides the events planner Tessa Brand. Since they are both singers, the couple also wants music to be a great part of their wedding. There will be a live band, a DJ and even a Capella rendition.

Anna revealed that they are going to have a variety of musical things going on. Anna and Skylar met on the first Pitch Perfect but they did not have any scenes together. After the first movie hit theaters, they started dating in 2013.

The future bride also bought her groom his own engagement ring – a silver braided band during the time they got engaged in January. Skylar tweeted, “It always felt odd to me that men didn’t get engagement rings. Thankfully, my fiancé thought so too.”