Lindsay Lohan Wins Partial Victory in Legal Case Against Rockstar Games, Brother Cody Lands Modelling Deal!

Lindsay Lohan had filed a case against Rockstar game in 2014 for using her likeness to create a character called Lacey Jonas in Grand Theft Auto V. The actress had submitted a lengthy report with 45 pages of photographs to point out the similarity between the character of Lacey Jonas and Lindsay Lohan.

According to IGN, the character of Lacey Jonas on Grand Theft Auto V is an actress and singer who is continuously stalked by the media of Vinewood. Lindsay Lohan claimed that the character’s photo on the Grand Theft Auto V game disk also resembles one of her photos, in a bikini. Lindsay has filed the case against Rockstar and the distributor of the game, Take-Two because they have used the image without her permission.

Rockstar has refused to respond to the complaint stating that it was actually without any content and was being pursued purely for publicity reasons. Take-Two also dismissed the case stating that there was no substantial evidence for the claim. However, the court has decided to give the green signal to move the case in the court.

Hollywood Reported stated that the New York Supreme Court judge, Joan Kennedy has decided to hear the proceedings of the case and has urged Lindsay Lohan’s legal team to come forward and place the case in front of the court.

Once the case is read out, the judge will then decide if the court will proceed with the case or whether they will dismiss it and ask the parties to settle things in an out of court settlement. For now, the court taking it for granted that complain has been made keeping in mind the plaintiff and that the factual evidences that have been furnished are all true.

According to Game Spot, Judge Kennedy has turned down the images that Take-Two’s legal team had furnished for her aid saying that she cannot accept the images provided by the defendant since they do not show the actress.

She has also turned down Take-Two’s claim that the lawsuit for the character was made too late for Lohan for them to work on the character. Kennedy said that time frame doesn’t matter since the images that have been used have remained the same and so has the intended audience for the game.

Lindsay Lohan might have won a partial victory in the legal drama, but things do not look very good for her. Take-Two has maintained that the similarity between the character and the images that she has come forward is that they are both blonde and young women.

Ned Luke, the actor who plays the role of Michael de Santa on GTA V also came out to make fun of Lindsay Lohan’s case by sharing an image of a cow and asking if there was any similarity between the two.

Rockstar might not be taking things seriously or accepting the fact that they have borrowed Lindsay Lohan’s image without her permission, but this isn’t the first time that they have faced such a lawsuit. Karen Gravano, from Mob Wives had also filed a similar lawsuit against GTA.

Lindsay Lohan might not be doing very well in her career, but her little brother Cody Lohan has gotten himself sweet modelling deal with IMG. Lindsay Lohan had been posting about it on Instagram for a while now and according to TMZ, the deal has finally come through.