Justin Bieber Settles Lawsuit, Says It Will Be Hard to See Gomez with Another Man, Charlie Puth Apologizes for Dissing Him!

The drama between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez doesn’t seem to end. The two have ended their three-year long relationship, but Justin Bieber doesn’t look like he is over Selena Gomez yet. According to The Hollywood Life, Justin Bieber had come out to state that it is going to be very difficult for him to see Selena Gomez with another man.

Justin Bieber has supposedly come out to make it very clear that he never ever wanted to hurt Selena Gomez. There are reports stating that Selena Gomez has become very unsure about her future relationships because of the dark past she has had with Justin Bieber and Bieber has come to state that he never wanted to do this to her.

He knows that the two cannot be friends because of the past that they have shared, but he is hopeful that Selena Gomez will forgive him for what he has done one day. He also came out to state that he hopes Gomez can move on from all the pain he has made her go through and doesn’t let her past ruin her future when it comes to love.

Selena Gomez has in fact gone on record to state that she is very sceptical about relationships ever since she has gone through all the relationship dramas in her life with Justin Bieber. She has said that she doesn’t feel like true love is in her cards and is apprehensive of trying something new.

Justin Bieber seems to be in a dilemma. On one hand he says that he hopes Selena Gomez can move on and be happy in her life with another man and on the other hand he goes on to state that he will not be able to swallow the fact that she would move on with another man.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez drama was used by Charlie Puth in his concert where he sang We Don’t Talk Anymore with Selena Gomez. Everything was going well for Charlie Puth at his Dallas concert when he ended up saying certain things had caused a major uproar from the Justin Bieber fans.

They said that Charlie Puth had openly dissed Bieber at his concert and expected an apology from him. Charlie Puth realized that he has messed things real bad and took to Twitter for the first round of apology to Justin Bieber. He said that the footage that was obtained of Puth dissing Bieber was simply a light-hearted joke and he agreed that it wasn’t the best of intentions and regretted having made it.

Puth made it very clear that he is a big fan of Justin Bieber himself and loves his work. Inquisitr reported that Charlie Puth ended up removing all these tweets from his profile and made another apology to not Justin Bieber, but his fans, before going ahead to delete the posts once again.

The issue with Charlie Puth and Bieber came out once again when the former attended The Jeff and Jenn Show on Star 94.1 Jenn introduced the Nine Track Mind singer and spoke about the apparent Justin Bieber diss that the singer had made. Charlie Puth again clarified that the whole issue was wrong construed and that he had no issue with Justin Bieber.

Charlie Puth seemed like he was relieved with the Star 94.1 radio bringing up the issue in the open since it gave him another opportunity to ask for forgiveness and try and move forward. Charlie Puth actually credited Justin Bieber for helping him come out in the open with his talent.