Justin Bieber Settles Lawsuit, Says It Will Be Hard to See Gomez with Another Man, Charlie Puth Apologizes for Dissing Him!

As everyone knows, Justin Bieber was first noticed thanks to his YouTube videos and that was what made Charlie Puth come out and upload his own videos on YouTube. Puth spoke about Justin Bieber uploading his home videos and see how people would go ga-ga over his videos and he wanted to something similar from life.

Puth spoke about his performance where he dissed Justin Bieber and said that he had wrongly interpreted the whole situation. Whatever he had to say out loud seemed funny inside his head, but then once he spoke it out he realized that it was all in bad humor and hence tried to come out and clear things up.

Mirror reported that Justin Bieber has settled a lawsuit with a photographer who had accused him of kicking and punching back in 2012. Justin Bieber was supposedly out with Selena Gomez, his then girlfriend at a Southern California shopping mall when the photographer Jose Osmin Hernandez had tried to pursue them and was thrashed by Bieber.

The settlement has been made out of court and the details of the same haven’t been furnished by the court ye. This isn’t the only lawsuit that has been filed against Bieber.

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