Lindsay Lohan Ordered To Testify At a London Trial While She Shows Up For Community Service At Brooklyn!

In the meantime, Lindsay Lohan has finally reported for duty. She skipped her schedule start date on Tuesday and after that the 28 year old Lindsay finally started her court-ordered community service at the Duffeld Children’s Center in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood on Wednesday, according to USA Today.

On Wednesday, she tweeted that she was quite happy to be helping out all the kids @WeAreBCS and sincerely hoped she’d be able to make a difference to their lives. There was a TMZ report that Lohan might have arrived two hours late but Lopez insisted she arrived ‘super early’ even though the exact time was not revealed. With just 15 days left, the ‘Mean Girls’ actress needs to complete 115 hours of service.

Sadly, last week, Judge Mark Young determined that Lindsay Lohan has hardly accomplished 10 hours of the total 125 hours she was supposed to complete after her reckless driving arrest in 2012. According to Young, if she doesn’t complete her sentence by 28th May, there will be major consequences. According to USA Today, she could be incarcerated for up to a year and a half. However, her father Michael Lohan told Daily News that he doesn’t care what anyone says and his daughter will definitely get it done.

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