Lindsay Lohan Ordered To Testify At a London Trial While She Shows Up For Community Service At Brooklyn!

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to return to London in order to testify in the trial of an obsessed fan who has been accused of harassing her. A 37 year old Daniel Voderwulbecke has been accused of repeatedly sending Lindsay various text and social messages and is also facing allegations regarding a clash with a security guard. The incident took place outside a London theater where Lindsay Lohan was appearing for the production of “Speed-the-Plow” last year.

A hearing took place at Westminster Magistrates’ Court this week and prosecutors argued against a request for Lohan to be placed on the stand. Attorney Abigail Welsh reported that it is not in the interests of justice for Lohan to be forced to face Voderwulbecke’s lawyer.  Sadly, Senior District Judge Howard Riddle did not agree with the prosecution and ordered Lindsay Lohan to testify. He also told the court, “The parties are aware that until today I had been greatly concerned that there was no obvious basis for calling Miss Lohan to give evidence…..”

According to him, there were no clearly identified issues that were placed before him. However, he was satisfied from the information provided by the defence that there was proper material on which a cross-examination is justified. However, Lohan will not have to face Voderwulbecke in court as she has been given permission to testify from a different room in the court-building, through a video link.

Meanwhile, Voderwulbecke has denied three allegations of harassment without violence, assault by beating and two allegations of criminal damage. The trial will kick off on 28th May, the day when Lohan faces the deadline to complete her community service order in the U.S.

According to her 2012 sentence due to a reckless driving case, she has to log 125 hours of volunteer work. It took place after a bulk of her previous submissions was rejected by a judge. However, due to problems with her paperwork, Lindsay Lohan missed her first day of community service which would have taken place at a children’s center, located in Brooklyn, New York.