Jennifer Aniston: Finds Scars Sexy, Set To Star in a Comedy!

In a very candid interview, Jennifer Aniston poured her heart out and revealed what she likes when it comes to men. The FRIENDS star recently got engaged to The Leftover actor Justin Theroux.

Jennifer Aniston said that she feels that a man looks great with his imperfections. However, this was not where she stopped. Aniston went on to say that she finds a good scar sexy. The actress also said that she likes a clean shaven man with a little scruff.

Aniston seems to be totally in love and says that her fiancé Justin Theroux makes her feel beautiful. In spite of being 45 years old, she still feels beautiful because her beau makes her feel that way.

Jennifer Aniston goes on to say that even with her make-up smudged after a late night or when she wakes up without any make-up at all, she still manages to feel like she looks good and believes Justin has done some magic on her. Aniston believes that the feeling all comes from within, as she feels confident deep down.

After starring in the gritty and raw Cake that won Jennifer Aniston critical acclaim and even got her, her first Oscar nomination, she is back doing what we love seeing her in, a funny comic role. After being a part of the most popular series of all times, FRIENDS, Jennifer Aniston knows funny!

Her role as Rachel Green has helped her learn the ropes of comedy. The nuances that she had learnt in those early years have gone to give her a successful career. Aniston wanted to break away from the image of Rachel Green that she had lived her whole life and hence took a hiatus from comedy and focused on serious roles. She silenced her critics with her Oscar nominated film, Cake.