Laith Al Saadi Never Wanted to Win The Voice 2016, Emma Willis Will Be Hosting ITV’s The Voice!

The Voice has had its own share of success even though it is yet to produce world-famous pop-stars like in the case of other shows like American Idol and X Factor. Even then, The Voice managed to churn out performers like Jordan Smith, Cassadee Pope and Melanie Martinez. Therefore, there is no reason why Laith shouldn’t succeed in his own genre. In this modern era, he is a perfect blues artist and he has the potential of being someone with a successful musical career.

In other news, a casting agent from The Voice contacted Elizabeth Canino in order to give her the opportunity to audition in this popular reality talent show. Canino will be going for a Thursday tryout by flying to Atlanta on Wednesday.

The 29 year old Canino appeared in Naples 2 months back in order to completely focus on singing. She recorded ‘Mercy’ after moving to Syracuse, New York. She also won a Sammy for the album. It is the name of top music awards in Syracuse.

In other news, around 30 people are hoping for a place in ITV’s The Voice UK next year.

What are your thoughts on The Voice finalist, Laith-Al-Saadi’s remarks? Stay tuned for more updates on The Voice 2016!