Laith Al Saadi Never Wanted to Win The Voice 2016, Emma Willis Will Be Hosting ITV’s The Voice!

When The Voice UK moves to ITV next year, Emma Willis will continue to host this singing show. The 40 year old Willis hosted three series of this programme since 2014 but she said that she was totally delighted to be reprising her role.

However, Marvin Humes, the BBC co-presenter will not return so she will host the show all by herself. ITV confirmed last year that it signed a 3-year deal in order to broadcast The Voice after they managed to outbid BBC. Back in 2014, Humes co-hosted the singing competition with Willis and he also said that he would miss working with Emma and remaining team members. He told BBC that he had loved every minute of working with The Voice during the past three series.

He declared that it is one of the best shows available on television and he would definitely tune into watch it. He also went forward and wished best of luck to the new team and said that he will be looking forward to work more with ITV, in the near future. Humes’ departure from the show was confirmed by ITV in a statement.

Marvin will remain a part of the ITV family but he won’t be appearing in the series of next year. However, the folks at ITV are looking forward to working with him in the future. ITV hasn’t declared which celebrity show coaches will be chosen for the upcoming new series.

The auditions will begin next week in Cardiff and the final winner will be awarded record contract with Polydor Records. It is home to famous music stars like Ellie Goulding and Take That. The last edition of The Voice UK was won by Kevin Simm, the Liberty X singer. Earlier this year, it was aired on BBC One.

Meanwhile, Laith Al-Saadi, the finalist of The Voice 2016, said that winning fourth place for Team Adam Levine is more than enough for him. During an interview with, Saadi said that he was just searching for a platform to get better and wider exposure.

He received this kind of exposure when his previously released albums where plugged in by coach Pharrell Williams.

Due to this, those albums ended up topping the rock and blues chart in iTunes. Laith declared that he never actually wanted to win and admitted that it’s not going to be a popular thing to say. The scariest thing about it was simply going into the situation and the possibility of giving up. It is a wonderful record company so it is possibly quite foolish of him.

He admitted that they are quite huge and they have got a lot more power compared to what he could accomplish by signing up with a small label or working independently. Laith further stated that the terms in the winner’s contract meant that he would be giving up his freedom. According to Laith, he was not at all ready for that.

He feels that it is like a 360 deal and they will end up representing him in every aspect of his life. In reality, they kind own you once you sign up with them.

They will own your merchandizing, your intellectual property and owning the rights to you as well. Laith continued, saying that they will obviously own the process of recording with the performer, touring and other stuff.

In one way, it is a good decision that Laith wishes to perform and live independently. When people enter a reality competition, in most cases they are denigrated and cannot sustain the hunger of winning at all costs.