Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 4 Spoilers Revealed, Xander Beck Set to Make a Comeback to The Show, Quick Recap of Episode 3!

Wayward Pines is an American mysteryscience fiction television series that has been developed by Chad Hodge. The show is based on the Wayward Pines Novels that has been written by Blake Crouch.

The show made its debut on Fox back in May 2015 and it has been renewed for a second season. The third episode of the second season was just aired and spoilers regarding the next episode have started building up on the internet.

Various reports state that fans will be witnessing the return of the character of Xander Beck, played by Josh Helman to the show in the upcoming episode. As per reports, the character got trapped outside the fence at the end of the first episode. He will be seen making his return to the Wayward Pines.

Apparently, someone else will be accompanying him while he is making his comeback to the Wayward Pines. Fans will not be anticipating the return of this particular character that will be coming back with Xander Beck. Thus the return of this character will be quite unexpected for them.

This character will reportedly come to the aid of Xander and help him to gather more information about intentions of Abbies.

It has also come to light that the character of Nimrat Kaur- Rebecca Yedlin will be seen having some kind of a fallout with Megan, played by Hope Davis. The reason behind this fallout will be a girl Lucy. Apparently, this girl is trying to avoid a tradition that is prevalent in Wayward Pines and Rebecca will be helping her in doing so, which is why she will be confronted by Megan.

The character of CJ, played by Djimon Hounsou will be seen accumulating a group of brave people. These group which will be spearheaded by C.J. will head outside of the fence in an expedition. They hope to increase the claim of human beings on the face of Earth. Theo raises his voice against the expedition, however, C.J. and the group will head out anyway.

The fourth episode of season 2 of Wayward Pine has been titled- Exit Strategy and it will air on Fox network on June 15. Readers can check out the promo for the episode here.

As for the previous episode which was titled- Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines, fans saw the return and death of a major character in that particular episode. The episode also saw the return of Nurse Pam. Nurse Pam, played by Melissa Leo made her return to the show in the third episode of season 2 of Wayward Pines.

She was exiled after the death of Pilcher. Following her return, she made peace with Jason who is the leader and after doing so, she was re-accepted into the town. Her return aroused mild reactions from the town folks, who did not seem too happy by the matter. However, Jason made it clear that she will be accepted into the town once again.

Mark Friedman, the Executive Producer of the show revealed that the comeback of Pam will not just be for episode 3. Instead, she will be making regular appearances in the show from now onwards throughout the season.

Pam was returning to the town with an agenda. The death of the people of Wayward Pines is what that was on her mind. She wanted to throw the people of the town in the face of death. To do so she heads over to the research center and steals a small pox vial from the place.

She then injects it in her body and decides to spread the infection throughout the town. However, she remains from being successful in her evil plan when the matter of the missing small pox vial comes to the attention of Megan.