Xbox Two Codenamed Scorpio? Microsoft Likely to Update Gamers at E3 2016!

Several rumors regarding Microsoft’s Xbox Two have been doing the rounds on the internet for quite some time now. It is going to be the next-generation of video game console that will be rolled out by Microsoft.

The latest batch of rumors suggests that Microsoft might take the veils off of the device soon. The current generation console, i.e. the Xbox One, is currently being offered at a discounted rate by Microsoft and, thus, fans are speculating about the Xbox Two seeing the light of day very soon.

Significant discounts are currently on offer on a number of variants of the Xbox One. Discount is available on bundles of Xbox One that are packed with different games.

It was reported that Microsoft is offering the discounts on the Xbox One for a limited period only and people who want to take advantage of the sale should make their purchase soon.

One of the variants of the Xbox One is available at $299. The device is a 500GB model and is packed with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. As far as the 1TB variant is considered, it is currently available at a price of $319.

Apart from the massive discounts, the buyers will be able to avail the Name Your Game feature, which means that he or she will be able to name the game that he or she wants along with the 1TB Xbox One.

Various reports suggest that Microsoft might roll out a brand new Xbox console during the Electronic Entertainment Expo that is scheduled to kick-off on June 14. It will continue till June 16. However, it is unlikely that this new Xbox will be the Xbox Two.

Instead, it will be a refreshed version of the Xbox One. Apparently, the upcoming device will be more compact compared to the Xbox One. A cheaper price tag compared to the Xbox One is also on the cards as far as the refreshed edition is considered.

That being said, chances are that Microsoft will come forward with additional news and updates regarding the Xbox Two at the event. Some reports state that the new Xbox might be called the Xbox Scorpio.

It was also reported that the Xbox Scorpio could turn out to be a high-end version of the Xbox One itself. In that case, the Xbox One will act as the base model to the new Xbox, and Microsoft might decide to lower its price down to $199.

As for the Xbox Two, it is unlikely that the device will hit the market before the end of the current year.

Apparently, the developers are trying their best to create a console that will be able to meet the expectations of the gamers. Since video games are becoming more and more advanced in recent times, a quite powerful console will be required to handle them efficiently.

Thus, Microsoft is going to make the Xbox Two as advanced as possible, which will be more than capable of handling the currently available games and also the ones that will be released in the future.

As per the initial reports, the GPU that will be used to build the device is the most powerful in the market. The device boasts of a greater storage space compared to its predecessor, and A 2TB hard drive is likely to be on the cards for the Xbox Two.