Xbox Two Codenamed Scorpio? Microsoft Likely to Update Gamers at E3 2016!

That apart, its powerful GPU will enable the gamers to play games in 4K resolution on the device. Rumors further claim that the device will be compatible with the Oculus Rift VR. Apparently, the Xbox Two will be much slimmer than the Xbox One.

An upgraded Blu-ray drive might not be built into the device. In that case loading a disc-based 4K game into the device might take a long time.

Phil Spencer, the CEO for Xbox, had earlier stated that he is not ready to call the device Xbox 1.5. Instead, he prefers to go forward with the name- Xbox Two. The device will be backward compatible, which means that players will be able to run older games on it.

The console will have a PC-like feel, and rumors suggest that a Windows 10-based OS could be used on the device. An AMD chipset will likely be used under its hood.

In that context, it should be mentioned here that Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, had previously stated that Microsoft is busy with the development of a brand new console which would have a GPU that will be quite advanced.

She added that new chipset is being developed by AMD for a brand new console and the new console will be hitting the market by 2017.

Stay tuned for more update on the Xbox Two.