Lady Gaga: Leonardo DiCaprio Explains His Reaction, Linda Perry Critical About Gaga’s Nomination!

Lady Gaga won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Original Song category, but what got more internet space is the way Leonardo DiCaprio had reacted to her pushing against him while on her way to collect the award from the stage.

There are numerous memes and GIFs on the internet with the way DiCaprio reacted to her and has also sparked off rumors that suggest that things aren’t very good between the two of them.

Seeing the whole raucous that the internet has created about his reaction to Lady Gaga brushing past his elbow, Leonardo DiCaprio has come out to clear things with the press.

The actor, who won the Golden Globe for his role in The Revenant, said that it was funny to see how every little thing goes viral nowadays. He said that he didn’t have the slightest clue that he had given such a reaction and that someone actually recorded the whole moment.

Leonardo DiCaprio informed Inquisitr that there is no enmity between Lady Gaga and him. He explained his reaction saying that he was laughing while sitting with his elbow propped up on the chair and he didn’t have any idea about who was pushing by him. He said that the reaction was a momentary one and Lady Gaga and he had a good laugh about it afterwards.

The talented actor won the Golden Globe fuelling rumors that he might be up for the Oscar this time. He has been nominated for the Oscar on numerous occasions, but it eludes him every single time. However, with Golden Globe setting the winning trend for the Oscar, it is hoped that Leonardo DiCaprio finally takes home the Oscar for the Best Actor this year.

While talking about his chance at winning the Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio informed This Morning that the whole thing is not in his control. He added that it is going to be interesting because the whole act finally centers around the award when the reason for the performance is that he loves his work so much.

Lady Gaga on her part has brushed the whole thing aside. She hasn’t even issued a statement on the matter because she doesn’t think it’s important enough. Lady Gaga, who won her first Golden Globe, for the song Til It Happens To You is on the road to winning her first Oscar.

The song by Diane Warren and Lady Gaga is part of a documentary called The Hunting Ground and has moved the world with its powerful rendition. The song talks about the cases of rape in colleges all over the world and has seen 34% increases in the calls to National Sexual Assault Hotline.

With Lady Gaga winning the award for a song that addresses a very pertinent issue, it is believed that there will be conversation on the issue of sexual violence and will make things more open in the media and within the government offices.

It isn’t going to be an easy process, but the change has to start somewhere and The Hunting Ground seems to have sparked the initiative.

With the whole world cheering Lady Gaga on her Oscar nomination, there is one person who is openly critical about her nomination. Linda Perry doesn’t seem to think that Lady Gaga deserves the award for Best Original Song because she didn’t write the song.

Linda Perry has informed Daily Mail that Lady Gaga only wrote the line Til It Happens to You and hence the songwriter Diane Warren should have been given the nomination.