2016 Chevrolet Camaro Compared To 2016 Ford Mustang, Camaro SS 1LE Handling Package Spotted!

The new Chevrolet Camaro might look like the one which made a comeback in 2010 but the new car is actually new. Similar to the previous Camaro, the new vehicle is a combination of both retro and modern inside as well as outside. Like the beginning, the option list is quite long and now it includes many more things like a built in Wi-Fi hotspot.

When it comes to history, there’s a lot going on with Chevrolet’s sporty car. In order to do battle with the Ford Mustang, it was first introduced in 1967. The Ford came out two years before and was deemed a major success.  Even this time, Mustang had a one-year head start since it was launched as the all-new car of 2015.

There are a wide variety of choices offered by both the Mustang and the Camaro and they have been built to suit different needs as well as budgets. A turbo-charged four cylinder is the new inclusion this year for the Chevy and the base engine now produces 275 horsepower. After that, the V6 churns out 335 horsepower.

The Camaro SS has a new 6.2 liter V8 engine and it produces a very impressive peak horsepower of 455. Before shipping and charge options, the best price for the Camaro is $25,700.

The engine lineup remains quite similar but the turbo-four cylinder comes with 310 horsepower which is definitely an upgrade over the V6. The base model makes around 300. With 435 horsepower, the 5.0liter V8 tops the choices.

Thanks to the automotive legacy he left behind, Shelby American, Inc. after Shelby passed away in 2012; his namesake cars still live on. Special high performance versions of the Mustang were created back in the 1960s by the Shelby Company but these cars soon became legendary in nature.

You should check out the new Shelby Super Snake if you want a Super Mustang today. With a massive Whipple supercharger, Shelby engineers managed to extract more than 750 horsepower out of the V8 in the Mustang GT.

If you are looking for a solid complete package, the Super Snake is a definitely worth checking out. It comes with enormous custom-spec wheels and tires along with a lowered suspension. It comes with racing-grade brakes and all of them are live within each Super Snake.

Meanwhile, if you are really planning on getting the most powerful Mustang on the road, keep in mind that the top-of-the-line Super Snake will set you back $54,995.

Although it sounds too good to be true, keep in mind that this is on top of the cost of a new Mustang GT which is priced at $32,295 before the other factory options. It seems like both Chevrolet and its performance tuning firms are hard at work in order to optimize it as best as possible in order to hunt down the mighty Mustang.

The 455 horsepower LT1 V8 goes from 0 to 60mph in just a tick over 4 seconds but if you start adding aftermarket parts to your Camaro, you’ll have something that is more than just a fast car. It will be crazily fast and if this tuner’s recipe is followed, it will be possible to run a quarter mile under 9.83 seconds.

This is the first sixth generation Camaro that goes into the 9s. The guys at Calibrated at Kerger were called up by roadandtrack.com in order to what it took to get there. James Kerger revealed that they started by adding an engine tune along with drag radials.

After that, they installed new headers along with cams and a new intake on their 2016 Camaro SS with the eight speed automatic transmission.