Apple iPhone 7: New Technology on Board, Price Details Speculated, No Changes to Battery Life!

The Apple iPhone 7 is barely six months away from hitting the shelves and the loyalists can hardly contain their excitement. Apple promises to bring quite a few changes to the table with the iPhone 7, and this is the reason behind the fans going berserk.

The Apple iPhone 7 is expected to be thinner and more powerful than its predecessors while featuring a new design,which should give it an edge in the market considering the stiff market competition from Samsung, HTC and Google, etc.

However, Apple is also focused on launching a replacement model for the iPhone 5S, which we believe is the iPhone 6C. Apple stopped selling the iPhone 5C a while back, leaving the iPhone 5S to do the job.

However, with new technology hitting the block, Apple plans on replacing the 5S with a worthy upgrade, hence the 6C!

Numerous reports have been coming in regarding the iPhone 7, ever since the device was conceived last year. Some believe that Apple with ditch the 3.5mm jack in favor of a Lightning port while others believe that the company will offer free wireless EarPods apart from selling their noise cancellation headphones.

Some reports have gone as far as speculating that the technology will be provided by Wolfson Microelectronics, a UK-based company known for manufacturing digital-to-audio converters.Apple is also rumored to be implementing Wireless charging on the iPhone 7, a feature currently eluding the premium segment smartphone.

Even though confirming any of these rumors is beyond our scope, these rumors seem likely due to a few reasons. Firstly, the consistency of these reports have been the same since Day 1 and secondly we know that Apple has something entirely new planned for us in 2016.

As a result, it is possible that the company might be offering all or some of these features at the least. Another rumor claims that Apple is working on improving the audio quality of the iPhone 7. A report published by a reputed tech magazine claims how Apple has patented a new technology creating slimmer headphones,which enhances the audio clarity.

The report further goes on to explain the technology being used and even though we do not want to bore you with the intricate details of the task, the overview states that Apple wants to create chambers within the handsets to amplify the sound.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because Apple had done the same thing with the iPad Pro,which uses four tiny speakers along with chambers within the chassis of the device. As a result, the sound obtained is louder and clearer than on a standard device.

Further speculations have been made regarding the battery backup of the device and this is where the things get confusing. While some believe that Apple will finally introduce a larger battery to the iPhone 7, improving the backup, others are of the opinion that the Cupertino giant is in no mood to do that.

In fact, Apple is rumored to be using the same battery as the current-generation iPhone 6 range. Experts are of the opinion that Apple could even use a less powerful battery, since the iPhone 7, with all its advancements, is likely to be more battery efficient. As a result, they could be using smaller batteries in place.

Apple wants their users to recharge all their devices daily for some unknown reason and this came to light recently with the Apple Watch 2, which the company claimed will be using a similar battery as the first-generation model.

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  1. Very nice and detailed article. Looking forward to see this amazing launch of Apple Iphone 7.

  2. Very nice and detailed article. Looking forward to see this amazing launch of Apple Iphone 7.

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