Kingdom Hearts 3 Has Been Delayed till Next Year, Release Date Is Yet to be Announced!

However, sources from the game developer didn’t wish to get into details and simply declared that the screenshot is a matter of group attraction flow strategy. The Albuquerque ComicCon 2016 held recently in New Mexico and the latest reports indicate that Disney’s Winnie the Pooh might be integrated in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Meanwhile the delay in release date is now official and people should expect its release in 2017. Due to some rendering problems, the company announced that they have made the switch from Luminous Engine to Unreal Engine. How far the development has progressed is still quite unclear and the Kingdom Hearts community is pretty disappointed about it.

So far, a bunch of teaser trailers have been released along with a trailer from the E3 official announcement. Therefore, all we can do is hope that Tetsuya Nomura’s next announcement will be something positive in nature. This could be a new character reveal or perhaps new Keyblades.

Nomura said, The discussion of the end of Kingdom Hearts has never come up between me and Disney, so I don’t know what their intentions are. But while creating Kingdom Hearts, with each generation I think to myself ‘This should be something that can’t be accomplished by just Disney.’ Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released soon on PS4 and PC.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on Kingdom Hearts 3!