GoPro Hero 5 Release Date Rumors, Speculations and Updates, Three Variants to Be Discontinued, And More

The GoPro hero 5 is a highly anticipated device which fans are looking forward to buying, since last year. However, it seems like the market might have to wait a little since the latest rumors have suggested a delay with the release of this device.

From the looks of it, there are many possible reasons behind this particular delay. The previous rumors suggested that this device would be launched in October 2015 and then it was further delayed to be launched during the early months of this New Year.

We earlier reported that presently, a possible release date for the GoPro hero 5 is October 2016. As we said earlier, GoPro needs more time to develop and launch its fifth generation camera while making sure that it is a tremendous success.

It is clear that stakeholders don’t want the GoPro hero 5 to suffer the same fate of the GoPro hero 4. The GoPro hero 4 was released in 2014 for a price of $399.

The gadget’s price has been decreased by 50% and it is currently $199.99. It was further pointed out by ValueWalk that the company’s pricing for this device is the main culprit behind its failure. ValueWalk reported that the company has deliberately delayed the launch of this device so that they can add many more interesting features to it.

According to the publication, GoPro is working to make the device small enough so that it can work accordingly with the company’s Karma Drone. The latest rumors regarding GoPro hero 5 pairing up with the Karma Drone is in line with the previous speculations made regarding the device.

It was reported in January that the camera is being designed to fit into the Karma drone and this is actually the company’s first foray into the drone market. GoPro released a video in December declared that ‘Karma is coming’.

Sadly, the video didn’t come with an image of the drone and only revealed some aerial photography shots. GoPro Chief Executive Officer Nick Woodman made a comment earlier which gave rise to speculation suggesting that this upcoming drone will work with older GoPro models as well.

According to Woodman, the company makes everything backward compatible. We advise you to take this particular information with a grain of salt since it lacks any kind of official confirmation.

In 2015, the company experienced a fall in share price and its recently released Hero 4 Session had to be given a price cut. GoPro’s product line seemed to confuse rather than excite the consumers.

It was revealed that 85percent of consumers who prefer to buy an action camera will choose a GoPro but at the same time, it was revealed in January that the sales have gone down by 31 percent compared to the same period in 2015. Nick Woodman, the CEO of GoPro has announced several changes in its action camera lineup for 2016, so as to rectify this mistake.

GoPro Hero, GoPro Hero + and GoPro Hero + LCD are three of the company’s cheaper cameras which will be discontinued. Woodman said that when you provide too many choices in front of the consumers, they end up getting confused and buy nothing.

He further revealed that the company will discontinue production of these devices by April this year. Meanwhile, three GoPro cameras will remain available.

The GoPro Hero 4 Session which is now priced at $200 after the company reduced its price by half due to poor sales will replace the Hero as the GoPro’s entry level camera. CNET revealed that the sale of GoPro Hero Session has increased three-fold ever since the price-cut.