Kingdom Hearts 3 Has Been Delayed till Next Year, Release Date Is Yet to be Announced!

Square Enix, the Japanese Game Developer announced that its highly anticipated role playing game, Final Fantasy XV will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. However, the company is yet to declare any kind of information regarding its much-awaited role-playing crossover game, Kingdom Hearts 3.

Recently, it was revealed that there is an unwritten rule in Square Enix that they can only talk about and mention the name of a video game if and when the game they have been working on has already reached a specific stage of development.

The company has already made an announcement regarding the release date of FFV last year. According to Design & Trend, the game has already reached a specific stage of development. Sadly, the same cannot be said about the upcoming and highly-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3. No specific release date has been announced for this game.

However, the latest rumors indicate that this game will be released on consoles and PC next year. In reality, it was actually FFV director, Hajime Tabata, who actually confirmed the fact that Square Enix goes by the rule of not announcing a release date for their game until it has reached a certain stage of development.

Ever since it was officially announced 3 years ago, nothing has been revealed by Square Enix about this game. This means that the video game’s required threshold for completion is yet to be met. This is not an official confirmation from Square Enix but the latest report puts a major damper on the hopes of lots of Kingdom Hearts 3 fans all over the world, who thought that this game would release next year.

In order to make that true, the completion level would have to be similar to that of FFV. During a recent interview by Tetsuya Nomura, it was confirmed that the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 has been moved. The game is currently a year away from its release and according to Nomura, the game would be a whole lot better compared to its predecessors.

The development team has switched to a more advanced engine and they were able to make certain modifications and advancements which were not possible with the previous generation hardware.

Nomura also revealed that they have introduced a new battle system and at the same time, new and unique moves. He also teased about the Keyblade Transformation plot. In that plot, Sora has gone through the test of mastery, which will be a part of the combat. Besides the release date, the gamers and fans have been greatly excited about the possible Disney worlds that will be a part of this game.

According to previous reports, “Tangled,” “Hercules and “Big Hero 6” shall be integrated to the next iteration of the popular “Kingdom Hearts” franchise. There have been rumors that other Disney worlds could be featured in the upcoming game, like Frozen and Marvel.

However, it seems like they were simply wishful thinking and nothing more. However, the latest reports indicate that the game would have another Disney-themed world coming along.

A screenshot of the game was recently revealed by Square Enix and it shows Sora, Goofy and Donald Duck in a new world.

The threesome is about to board a ride that is similar to Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters in Disneyland. This is probably a hint that the Toy Story 3 world will be introduced as a part of Kingdom Hearts 3.