PlayStation 5: Two Separate Models of the Console Likely to Be Released, GTA 6 to Be Released for PlayStation 5, And More

Various rumors regarding the next edition of PlayStation console- the PlayStation 5, are doing rounds on the internet for quite some time now. The latest reports state that Sony might launch two separate models of the PlayStation 5 in future.

Apparently, Sony has decided to take this step to provide more options to gamers. The difference in the two models will be the disk drive which will be present in one of the models but will be absent from the other.

The one having the disk drive will boast a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray drive and users will be able to play games by inserting various game disks in the drive. Users using the other model without the disk drive will have to resort to digital downloads to play games on it.

The ongoing disc-based cinema culture will definitely motivate Sony to build the latest console with the support for the Blu-ray format. Users who are into purchasing physical copies of games in the form of disks will surely find this particular model fascinating.

However, the other model sans the disk drive will be more suitable for users to whom physical copies of games are of not that much value. Streaming and downloading of games will be the methods of playing games on this model.

Naturally, the model with the disk drive will have a higher price tag than the other one and it is here where the freedom of choice comes in for prospective buyers. Gamers who like collecting physical copies of games can opt to purchase the higher-priced disk drive model, while the remaining percentage of gamers can decide to go for the relatively lower-priced model without the disk drive.

This freedom of choice would definitely contribute towards drawing a larger amount of consumers towards the upcoming PlayStation 5 and it will result in a boost in its sales, pushing up the profits of Sony in the process. A disk drive less PlayStation would also ensure that there is an increase in the sales of digital versions of various games.

The digital market of games is being vigorously promoted by manufacturers of games in recent times. the reason behind this as stated by major game studios is the fact that digital versions of games are much less prone to piracy when compared to physical copies.

Sony’s strategy of building two models of the PlayStation 5 will ensure that both the PC Steam Technology as well as mobile gaming technology is benefitted. Sony was one of the first studios that supported the 4K Blu-ray format and thus it is not hard to guess that the company would incorporate the same into their upcoming console.

The Blu-ray in the PlayStation 3 was initially met with criticism and it was dubbed to be a premature attempt by Sony by many. Gradually, with the progress of time, the Blu-ray format managed to edge past the HD DVD format in the high definition format battle.

This resulted the Blu-ray gaining more popularity and it ultimately proved to be a major contributor to the success of both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

It was previously reported that AMD has started developing processors for the upcoming console. PlayStation 5 will reportedly have the feature of backward compatibility like its predecessor, the PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 contains a custom chipset which is based on Jaguar’s microarchitecture. This particular chipset is what that brings the x86 feature to the PlayStation 4 which in turn makes the console backward compatible which means that players will be able to run older console games on it.

The PlayStation 5 will come with the same feature which will allow players to run PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 games on it.