PlayStation 5: Two Separate Models of the Console Likely to Be Released, GTA 6 to Be Released for PlayStation 5, And More

Another feature that fans can expect in the next-gen console is the support for Virtual reality or VR. VR is fast gaining popularity and a number of devices are being developed to enable gamers enjoy their favorite games in Virtual Reality.

Thus, it is highly likely that Sony will make their upcoming console VR compatible. Added to it is the fact that Sony’s own PlayStation VR is set to hit the market sometime deep into the current year.

The release of the PlayStation VR will be like a test run in the field of VR for Sony. It will enable the company to gather sufficient amount of knowledge about how people react to the technology.

The latest reports place the PlayStation 5’s release date sometime between 2017-2018. However, there has been no confirmation from Sony regarding the matter as of yet.

In other news, one of the most anticipated games of recent times, GTA 6 will likely be released for PlayStation 5. Though Rockstar has not confirmed this claim, it is being assumed that the upcoming game will very likely be compatible with the next-gen console from Sony. Apart from being compatible with PlayStation 5, it will also be playable on the current-gen console of PlayStation 4.

Stay tuned for more update on PlayStation 5.