Katy Perry Gearing Up For A Hate Song, Gives The Billboards Award A Miss, Back Together With John Mayer, And More

Its revenge time! Katy Perry is all set to settle scores with her arch rival Taylor Swift. Reports suggest that she is strong-minded to challenge Taylor with a better revenge song than what she came out with.

Recently Taylor Swift launched her new music video named Bad Blood, the launch saw her girl army present for the launch at the Billboard Awards on the 17th of May. This certainly did not go down well with Katy Perry. She is now all set to hit back at Taylor and guess who is helping her in the process. It is none other than, John Mayer. John in the past has dated both these girls and it looks like he has some serious issues with Taylor.

There are sources telling that this time round revenge will be a dish best served cold. A friend of Katy informed Heat that Katy is all set to write down a revenge song, which will pull dirt on Taylor. It will be based on things John Mayer had told Katy, when the two were dating.

This cat fight does look to turn dirty. The song that Katy is working upon is supposedly going to anthemic in nature and all it will have is dirt for Taylor. When sources close to Katy were asked why she never went for the Billboard Awards, it was revealed that John was able to convince Katy that the idea of going was bad. Katy eventually she realized that she would not like to see cameras focusing on her face while Taylor bagged all the awards during the award function.

The over concerned friend of Katy has also said that, the singing star is all set to climb her way back to the top and it would be Taylor who would regret the very start of this row.

Katy Perry certainly seems to be determined and her anger seems to be channelized in the right direction. Should Taylor be worried about all these threats or should she let all these talking go un-attended?

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  1. Honestly both girls are at fault. Taylor brought back an old feud and added John Mayer to the mix. Taylor brought back Calvin Harris. Like seriously! How stupid could she be! That’s not smart. He had no bad blood with any of them. Now he is on Katy’s and John’s radar. Bad move……taylor..bad move

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