Elder Scrolls 6 Not Coming In E3 2015, Fallout And Doom Featuring In The Line-Up? More Information

E3 2015 which is due to be held in the Los Angeles Convention centre from 16th of June until the 18th will not have anything for the Elder Scrolls 6 fans. The news is almost official that Bethesda Softworks will not be talking anything about Elder Scrolls 6 in the upcoming E3.

There were speculations that the developers will be announcing details about Elder Scrolls 6, which is due for a while, at the E3 this year. However, it seems like fans of Elder Scrolls 6 will have nothing to go back home with this time.

Gamers did believe that the company will either speak about Elder Scrolls 6 or Fallout 4 at the annual fair. These are the only two role-playing games that Bethesda is due to release. Latest reports clearly suggest that the company will not be using the E3 platform to announce anything about Elder Scrolls 6, which gives the indication that it will be Fallout 4 that will take the centre stage.

Recently there was a lot of buzz about Fallout 4 and the cinematic trailer that could have been ready to be displayed at E3. Looks like that rumour is turning out to be true.

As per reports from Ecumenical News, Elder Scrolls 6 is due to be launched next year and thus fans can expect some glimpse of the game by June. This is backed with the fact that Bethesda is launching an online extension of the multiplayer game which will be named as Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

The expected launch date of the online version is expected to be on June 9 for Play Station 4 and Xbox.

Reports from various sources suggest that the name given to the 6th instalment of the game could be title as Elder Scrolls 6: Argonia. There are also reports that the title could be something different, so we are not yet sure as to what name the video game will finally have.

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  1. I would doubt that Bethesda softworks would release elder scrolls 6 as they are currently working on the mmo I do however feel that Bethesda would and will anounce Follout 4 and a elder scrolls game is not do that is a vary poor choice of words sincerly J.W

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