Elder Scrolls 6 Not Coming In E3 2015, Fallout And Doom Featuring In The Line-Up? More Information

Insiders suggest that the company has trademarked a particular name a couple of times. According to sources the name that is being trademarked is Redguard. This was first trademarked by the company back in 2011. Ever since then they have been renewing it. It will be exciting to see whether Elder Scrolls 6 comes out with that name.

The pattern that the company follows say otherwise. For all these years the company trademarks the name only in the year when they are about to release Elder Scrolls.

Bethesda being its usual self remains completely tight lipped about this matter, so there is no alternative, but to wait before we know what the official name of Elder Scrolls 6 would be for sure.

This again raises questions as to why the company has kept Redguard trademarked since 2011. Is there going to be a change in the pattern of trademarking this time or is it going to be the same usual way. We have to wait and see that.

Bethesda has Fallout 4 and Doom lined up and it will be exciting to see what the company will come out with for E3 2015. With the convention less than a month away, fans don’t have to wait long for the official announcement.

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  1. I would doubt that Bethesda softworks would release elder scrolls 6 as they are currently working on the mmo I do however feel that Bethesda would and will anounce Follout 4 and a elder scrolls game is not do that is a vary poor choice of words sincerly J.W

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