Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Worry From Within, Continuum Threat, Specs And Rumors!

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the device which every gadget lover is waiting for. Experts are of the opinion that it will be this tablet from Microsoft that could pose a challenge to the Apple iPad series.

The tablet is expected to act as a substitute to the traditional laptops and PCs. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will be powered by Windows 10, but the upcoming tablet is to face difficulties from the within.

According to reports from PC World, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will face a major issue from one of the features of Windows 10 named as Continuum. This feature is said to go against the interest of the tablet.

Windows 10 is coming with a lot of exciting features, but the one that is catching all the attention is Continuum. This feature allows users to work on a small device while they view the work on a larger screen that comes along with laptops and computers. It allows users to pair two devices and work by casting screen.

It is with Continuum that any high powered Microsoft mobile phone user who has Windows 10 running on the device can pair with another device and morph its abilities. This is what goes against Microsoft Surface Pro 4. If this can be done with a mobile phone then buyers do not find full utility of Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

According to PC World, if Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is dismissed by its buyer then the next best alternative will be to come out with a hybrid phablet or a smart phone coming from Surface.

As per research data it is seen that the number of buyers interested to spend money on phablets are high. Table users are shrinking and the main reason behind it is the screen size.

It is yet to see what strategy is going to be adopted by the think tanks of Microsoft, as of now we know that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is coming with a chipset made by Intel powered with 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB hard-disk. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will have a 2k screen resolution for sharp and vibrant colours.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Worry From Within, Continuum Threat, Specs And Rumors!”

  1. The surface 4 Pro won’t matter too much if Microsoft takes forever to get it out.
    I would like to get a Surface 3 with LTE. No word on when it will come out even though the Wifi model has been out for a month. Apple somehow manages to release their LTE versions at the same time as the Wifi iPads every year.

    Microsoft is really over-rating their Win 10 software. I’m interested in the Surface 3 and Pro 4 for the newer hardware that comes with them (Cherry Trail for the Surface 3 and Broadlake or SkyLake for the Pro). Either way the 14 nm Broadlake/SkyLake should both be better than Haswell just because of the smaller size.

    If they don’t get this out by summer they will miss out on the back-to-school sales. Come Sept-October Apple will really ramp up their Marketing for the new iPhone and new Tablets.

  2. A couple of points of view:
    Continuum: I don’t envision continuation of working on my projects with a phone. The screens are way to small, and looking at the iPhone 6+, we’re reaching absurd sizes for phones.

    Surface Pro 4: I owned a 2 Pro and looked at a 3 Pro. I now own a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. I have an i7, 8 gigs Ram and 1/2 TB SSD, a 13 inch gorgeous screen that is ultra HD (2400×1400 or something close…I forget), touchscreen and can be used as a laptop, tent, or just fold over the keyboard and it’s a pure tablet; keys don’t function folded; 2 USB 3 ports, AC WiFi. In this environment Continuum would work well for me and my home/office 27in 2K display-all in one desktop.
    My cost was ~1350 or so without tax. A Pro 3 with those specs and no keyboard would have run me about $1900+ and a smaller, not as sharp a screen.
    The Levovo Pro 3, is basically the same specs with a power miser “M”CPU so longer battery life, but not enough horsepower as the i7, plus they went to PCIe SSD’s which while faster, cost a fortune to expand/replace.
    There is no LTE capability, but my phone data plan-phone plugged in or a MiFi hotspot work well when no Wi-Fi. My point of view is Lenovo has the “laptop/tablet” market leader for Win 8/10 in their Yoga 2/3 line. Use one usb3 port to give me an 3 port USB3 hub, and Ethernet connection with no need of a power supply (non Lenovo add on).

    Windows Phone: As an insider, I’ve run Win10 on it. Aside from expected buggyness, my Nokia runs slow as molasses; I’m OK staying with 8. The issue is apps with Win Phones. Not enough of the right ones, and sites I visit for key apps I need are iPhone or Android. I can’t even get a decent boarding pass on my phone. With Win10, I’d likely have to trade in my current phone for a new one by HTC or Nokia that can run it. Mine does have the 41 mega pixel camera which is no longer offered (likely due to the camera “bump” in back. But with Zeiss lenses and 41 megapixels, I can really blow them up with no loss of sharpness; hate to give it up. It’s more of a digital camera with a phone attached.

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