Justin Bieber and Madonna Get Cozy, Bieber Comedy Central Roast is the Best!

So was the Roast of Roast of Justin Bieber hilarious? The answer is a loud resounding yes!! The roast, hosted by Kevin Hart saw a barrage of insults and abuse that kept on relentlessly coming. The humour and the sheer talent of the roaster was one thing that would unite the U.S-Canadian audience.

Justin Bieber’s roast, as numerous people had expected would bring up Serena Gomez repeatedly and it did. The girl was badly attacked for her relationship with Bieber and was left scarred.

Bieber in a bid to save her from the pain had decided to apologise to her before she can see the screening of the show. Selena is reportedly livid at the attacks on her following Bieber’s roast, and has decided to watch the roast. She knows how bad it was, but still can’t seem to stop herself from doing it, reported a friend.

Kevin Hart and Jeffrey Ross have repeatedly brought her up and made fun. She already knows about the sex joke made about her and Orlando Bloom. She has refused to let Zedd watch the roast and he has been very supportive of it.

Watch out this space for more news about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.