Justin Bieber and Madonna Get Cozy, Bieber Comedy Central Roast is the Best!

Are Madonna and Justin Bieber dating? Well, that’s a question that is being asked after the two made an appearance at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen, who is known to ask some uncomfortable questions, asked Madonna, whether she would date, Justin. Ellen even ended up showing her a photo of shirtless Justin Bieber.

Madonna has dated young men, the youngest being 22 years old and with Justin Bieber turning 22 next year; Ellen wanted to have some fun with him and the 56-year-old singing sensation.

When Justin walks in wearing a suit and a fedora cap, Madonna looks him up and down and asks “What’s with the Sheriff’ outfit?” Justin immediately responds saying that there’s a new sheriff in town. The two sit down on the couch and discuss dating. It was a fun episode!

Justin Bieber has lately been embroiled in a lot of controversies. There’s his relationship and break up with Selena Gomez, his drunken driving and his rude behaviour and speculation about him cheating on then girlfriend, Gomez.

He took the platform of Ellen’s show and tried to come clean. He said that for the past few years he has been acting in a manner that is not him. There are some phases in life when people try to be what they are not and try to behave in a certain manner, to live up to an image, only to realise what a douchebag they have ended up being.

Justin Bieber recently had is Comedy Central Roast where the young star faced a squad of rappers, comedians and even Martha Stewart. There’s rumour that Justin supposedly instigated this roast because he wanted to redeem himself in front of an audience that is tired of his juvenile antics and numerous arrests.

If it to be believed, the Comedy Central Roast might be Bieber’s atonement to start a new phase in his career. There were number fans, called Beliebers, who waited outside the Sony Studios to catch a quick glimpse of their idol.