Toy Story 4 Revealed Details Point towards a Romantic Love Comedy!

Usually, movies reach a satisfying end once they have completed their trilogy. It is quite rare when you get to see a fourth movie in the same franchise. Everyone loves a good trilogy with a satisfying ending, not necessarily a happy one. In this context, the rumors regarding the possible release of Toy Story 4 has been quite surprising, to say the least. With Toy Story 3, Pixar delivered a remarkable and heartfelt emotional movie that surely surpassed everyone’s expectations.

If you can merely shrug off the scenario where the toys face imminent death, you sir, are a hard man. Similarly, perfection was achieved in the ending scene where Andy plays with his toys for one last time before giving them up. However, fans of this franchise wish to know how this story can be improved. Pixar has issued statements, trying to ease everyone’s worries regarding the potential ruination of an immaculate ending. At the same time, Pixar president, Jim Morris has shed some light on where the Toy Story franchise is currently heading.

According to him, the third movie ended in a grand way and nicely completed a strategy. The upcoming movie will not be a part of the trilogy. It will be a separate story without any official confirmation on a further sequel. In his words, ‘’….It is not a continuation of the end of the story of Toy Story 3’’. However, considering temperament, it is. He further stated that it will be a complete love story, more like a romantic comedy. The story will not focus on the interaction between children and toys. Lastly, he declared that it will be a good movie.

Meanwhile, he also refuted the idea that Pixar and Disney might be continuing the Toy Story franchise in order to keep the cash rolling in. To this, Morris replied that it is not at all about money. It’s about an idea that is met with enthusiasm. It is of no doubt that the idea is of a great lineage.