The Bold and the Beautiful Introduces a Twist That Shocks Viewers!

One of the longest running shows on television, The Bold and the Beautiful, has dropped a bomb of a revelation! Never in the history of the show has such a revelation been made and it was one that none of the viewers could see coming.

NCAA March Madness coverage has preempted the scheduled spot of The Bold and the Beautiful, which means that fans have to wait for Monday before they can see the other side of the cliffhanger in the last episode.

Nicole (Reign Edwards) confronts her sister Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) after having repeatedly told her that she knows one of her biggest secrets. Maya, the top model of the agency and mistress of CEO Rick, was having a tough time keeping her stress level down and she finally asks her sister to either speak up or walk out of her house.

Nicole decides to speak up, and the audience was left gasping!

Nicole says that Maya’s absence from her life, when she was young, had left her hurt. She could never understand why their parents would treat Maya as if she wasn’t their own kid and why she had left home so many years ago. Nicole says that she had spent a long time trying to figure out why and she had finally found that.

She has realized that Maya wasn’t who she wanted to portray to the world. She wasn’t even Nicole’s sister because she was a man previously. This allegation that Maya might have been transgender was something that none of the viewers could even imagine in their wildest dreams.

Rick (Jacob Young) has always been clear about his hatred for lies and he had said that he would prefer to be alone than with a liar. Looks like Maya has a tough time coming and should think about packing her bags. Rick, however, has time and again said that he loves Maya, and they have a future together. He is even hopeful that his mother, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) would accept her into their family.