The Bold and the Beautiful Introduces a Twist That Shocks Viewers!

Brooke has her own troubles to deal with. She is struggling to control her drinking with a little help from Deacon (Sean Kanan) and the more Deacon tries to help out Brooke, the more Wyatt (Darin Brooks) thinks that there’s something happening between the two of them.

Karla Mosley, who plays the role of Maya in The Bold and the Beautiful, said that the turn in the plot was a complete surprise, but she thinks it’s a privilege playing such a challenging role. Viewers had thought that the transgender plot was just a twist and that there’s more to it than that.

Executive producer Bradley Bell has announced that the series is a love story, and this will be now about tolerance and love. They are trying to show how diverse and complex characters are and how life helps them cope with certain things.

Yes, the move is going to throw things off balance and lives are going to change, especially Rick’s, but the response of the writer indicates that the situation will be dealt with sensitivity and maturity. Mosley feels it’s a great opportunity for her to portray her talent, and she has spoken to her transgender friends to prepare for the role.