Selena Gomez Pregnant: Rumours Prove Baseless, Selena is Moving on With Boyfriend Zedd!

Selena Gomez’s pregnancy rumours just refuse to subside. First it was news that the actress/singer is pregnant with Bieber’s baby, and the two have reconciled and engaged. When that was completely thwarted by no show of a baby bump, rumour has again started rolling with news that Selena Gomez is pregnant with Zedd’s baby!

The new rumour started when the two appeared together at the Oscar’s Vanity Fair Party and Gomez’s face looked fuller than it usually does. Selena is known for her trademark baby looks and chipmunk cheeks, and when photos appeared with her face looking swollen and fuller, the media went on a pregnant Selena frenzy.

Like the previous time, when news of her being pregnant with Justin Bieber’s child had surfaced, she had kept mum about the whole thing and had just let time reveal the truth. She has been making appearances in clothes that reveal her flat abs and the absence of a baby bump. There are speculations that Selena’s fuller face may be the result for the Lupus. Her grandmother had confirmed that Selena does suffer from Lupus, and one of the symptoms is the tendency to look bloated and that might just be it.

It’s high time the media give some time off to the poor girl. She has seen a rough 2014, with her on and off relationship with ex Justin Bieber and the subsequent breakup, problems with her parents where she removed them as her managers and with a stint at a rehab. Her career had hit an all time low, and there was only news about her moping for Justin on the media.

With 2015, the girl is making changes and has started to get things more under her control. She has got herself some famous magazine deals and interviews, which are helping her seal her new image. She has got a few movie offers and is working with DJ Zedd on some much-awaited music videos. She has decided to make amends to the image of the girl with the broken heart and is trying to have a good time and starting afresh.